Life can sometimes feel unrelenting, but you don’t have to journey it alone. Together we can face the challenges that life transitions bring. My Muscogee Creek heritage along with being a member of the LGBTQ community informs my practice to serve individuals facing the unique struggles of being LGBTQ as well as bicultural. Identity issues, coming out, intergenerational trauma, and traumatic event/s are just some of the issues that I specialize in. These challenging times, although difficult, can often offer us immense opportunities for personal growth. My goal is to provide you with the therapeutic tools to assist you in reclaiming the parts of yourself that have been hurt, overlooked and neglected. When we can find the strength to own our life experiences then we can allow it to empower us to lead more meaningful lives. To own these parts of ourselves empowers us to live more meaningful, fulfilled lives.



As an art therapist, I want to assure you that art is not meant for artists. Even if the last artistic tool you touched was a crayon, art therapy can offer an abundance of self-exploration and awareness. I love the possibility of surprise through the art and the metaphorical insights that it offers. Children, with their innate curiosity towards creativity make exceptional art therapy clients. Art interventions can even ease guardedness and encourage teens to communicate more freely through their art; even the at-risk youth who may be closed off to the idea of therapy altogether. Art transcends age and culture. It is a universal tool that can be used to support the healing of all, no matter age or background.

"The medicine is already within the pain and suffering. You just have to look deeply and quielty. Then you realize it has been there the whole time." -saying from Native American Oral Tradition in Soul Wounds by Eduardo Duran