Art Therapy

Art Therapy is beneficial for all ages from children to adults. It can challenge our comfort zones, self-critics and self-awareness. Art is also great for kids and teens who may be struggling to put words to their feelings. And can offer a less intimidating start to the therapeutic process...

Art Therapy Can Help You to Cope With Anxiety

 Through art we can examine anxiety inducing situations in a way where you retain complete control in order to explore and build a relationship with what is causing distress. Using art mediums, we can recreate distress, literally and/or symbolically. This method can allow you to experience the anxiety around issues in the present moment with my support and guidance and allows you to maintain control over your experience. It allows for the possibility of building a relationship with what is causing distress. We will explore and gain understanding and insight around your issues while empowering you to take back your life.

Art Therapy Can Change Your Thoughts

       Depression, self-worth, or meeting the expectations of others can be explored through art. Boundaries, whether rigid or flexible can often influence these feeligs. When utilizing creative expression to focus on an issues there is often deep and profound insight that helps us confront the things you have been avoiding, unwilling to confront, or unable. Through a compassionate yet direct manner I can help you face these issues while working towards wholeness, maintaining healthy boundaries in your life, and bringing back more meaningful connections.

Art Therapy Can Build On Your Strengths

        It is often easier to be critical of ourselves. Through creative expression we can explore your history where self-criticism may stem from. Using art in this way can make expression of these expeirences easier to face and share than just talking. We will focus on your internal strenghts and resourcefulness. The power of metaphor combined with imagery will be used to relate your strengths to your issues, change your worldviews, improve your resiliency and build on your best qualities. Through creative expression we can build your confidence and transform your experiences into something that builds on strengths that are already within you.

Art Therapy Can Put You In Touch With Core Issues

        An art creation that may start off having little significance may end up leading you in a necessary direction that you were not expecting. Art has a way of cutting through to the core of an issue or to an issue that may need exploration. It is often difficult to express emotions through verbal expression and art can lend a voice to guidance and support from your unconcious or from a hight power, depending on your beliefs. Through creative expression we can physically externalize and and separate from issues giving the needed space to change perspectives and gain a deeper understanding around core issues that may have followed you throughout your life.

"The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through her." -Carl Jung